Description of Orthoses

Bioptimus orthoses

A strong design for ultimate biomechanical control.


 Capable of resisiting over 1,500kg per 2.5cm2, the Bioptimus orthosis take biomechanical control to its maximum all the while enabling some flexibility. Extremely effective, the Bioptimus orthosis is designed for the individual whose condition requires a solid and permanent control.   Designed with a semi-rigid to rigid construction this orthosis provides maximum control for heavier individuals or those who engage in extreme sports or activities that require maximum control.

Bioptech orthoses

The ultimate in versatility.

This orthosis consolidates all the desired qualities into one orthosis. Lightweight, compact and strong yet supple. The Bioptech is the device for people who want to benefit from daily support for all their activities. It is constructed with a semi-rigid polynyolene shell, providing a high biochanical support. Due to its reduced size it fits easily into most street shoes, ideal for work, relaxation or recreation. It provides excellent versatility while guaranteeing solid biomechanical control.

Biopchic orthoses

Assured correction… and guaranteed discreet.


Designed for a high heel of (<5cm) and dress shoe, the Biopchic orthosis combines comfort and functionality thanks to its thin yet semi rigid polynyolene shell. This device provides moderate biomechanical support and has a finished polished shell for ease of cleaning. Special attention is paid to the positioning of all arches. The precise fitting at the forefoot of the orthosis optimizes the support of the metatarsal heads so that the plantar pressure is distributed evenly.   A choice of three cuts is available under the heel; no opening for maximal rear stability, an “O” opening to seat the heel lower into the shoe and a “U” opening for high heels or narrow shoes.

Biopchic Papillon orthoses

Assured correction…and style


As with the Biopchic orthoses, the Biopchic Papillon is designed for high heels, yet it is made with an Ultra thin semi flexible polynyolene shell, providing mild to moderate biomechanical support. The same three cuts are available under the heel as with the Biopchic orthosis.

Polysport orthosis

For the athlete or individual with a an active lifestyle


From our extensive experience with hundreds of amateur and professional athletes, our company offers a line of highly perfected athletic orthoses whose components are individualized and adapted to each sport. We offer a variety of models with different fabrication details which are to optimize the biomechanical control of each individual.

Bioform orthoses

When comfort comes first.


The Bioform orthosis is designed for the hypersensitive foot. It is a monobloc design made of a Nicklepast 45 Shore foam material. This material provides comfort and flexibility. This device can accommodate some foot deformities, provide a mild biomechanical correction and protection to the foot. It is a comfortable orthoses for conditions such as rheumatoid and osteoarthritis or a loss of adipose tissue on the plantar surface of the foot.


Sensitive to the needs of the neuropathic foot


Designed for the Diabetic, Charcot and Charcot Marie Tooth foot, the Diatech provides optimal pressure distribution and cushioning. This devise provides mild to moderate biomechanical support and constructed with a semi-flexible material. For the promotion of healing and injury prevention, the Diatech is designed with a foam top cover which provides shock absorption and cushioning. Other top covers are available for milder neuropathic conditions.


Designed for a child’s foot development


The pediatech line ensures biomechanical control that is as active as your children. This devise promotes the realignment of the foot and sufficiently flexible and thin to provide room for the foot to grow. The principles of maximum control of the anterior and posterior talus are maintained with a deep heel cup and various corrective postings to correct and support the alignment of the foot. Many colors are available for the child to choose from.