Foot Conditions

Plantar Fasciitis

Is a common cause of arch and/or heel pain.  The plantar fascia is a ligament located under the foot. Is attached at the heel, runs into the arch and attaches at the ball of the foot.  When strained, inflammation of the tendon can cause pain in the heel and /or arch when standing, walking or running



Is an aching and/or burning sensation in the ball of the foot. Can cause numbness and burning in the toes. Pain can increase in tight shoes, high heels, walking, running, standing barefoot or flexing the foot onto the ball area. Increased physical activity or high impact onto the forefoot as with step exercises or running can cause symptoms.


Heel Spur

Can cause heel pain.  A heel spur is a protrusion on the underside of the heel bone caused by a calcium deposit. It can be diagnosed with a X-ray.  Is sometimes associated with a plantar fasciitis.  Can be asymptomatic but often causes pain in the heel.


Achilles Tendinitis

Is a cause of inflammation and pain in the thick tendon attaching the heel bone to the calf muscle (soleus muscle).  Often described as an overuse injury of the tendon from physical activity or incorrectly positioned heel during standing, walking or running.



A bunion is a bump on the side or top of the big toe. This condition can be result of abnormal movement onto the first toe resulting in the misalignment of the big toe towards the second toe. Maybe painful or not, however can progress into a permanent deformity if not treated.bunion example Biop Montreal

Morton’s Neuroma

Also causes pain at the ball of the foot, specifically between 3rd and 4th toes. Can feel like a pebble in your shoe. It is a compression of the nerve leading to the toes that causes similar symptoms as Metatarsalgia. High pressure on the ball of the foot, which occurs with high heels and narrow shoes, can be associated with this condition.