Sonya Matthews is currently the owner of Biop Montreal Inc and works as an Orthotist conducting clinics at L’Esprit Sport Physio in Montreal and Chiro Sante Clinic in Kirkland, offering services in biomechanical assessments of gait and cycling and custom foot orthoses.

She holds a Masters degree in Biomechanics and is trained and certified in Quebec and Canada in the assessment, design and fitting of custom foot orthoses. Sonya has worked for 25 years as a specialist in biomechanics and orthoses with physically active individuals, NCAA athletes, Olympic athletes and with leading companies in the footwear industry including adidas, Bauer and CCM.

Her interest in the field of Biomechanics and Orthotics comes from her own experience as an athlete. Sonya competed in varsity Track & Field and Soccer while attending McGill University and continues to remain active in sports. The experience she has gained working in so many areas has helped her carve out a very important niche in the field of Orthotics, focusing on the biomechanical needs for her clients.